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Stocking Distributor: Klockner Moeller/Eaton & Siemens: Relays, Starters, Limit Switches, Fuses.
We are an experienced international shipper to Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean Islands.
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We maintain a complete inventory of Klockner-Moeller and Siemens relays, contactors, breakers, limit switches and controls, for international shipment.

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  We are an experienced supplier of Klockner Moeller/Eaton and Siemens parts to North America including Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean as well as all 50 USA states.. All items are inspected at our USA warehouse (near Philadelphia), before being carefully packed for shipment to you.

  All shipments are made via United Parcel Service (UPS), on our account only.

  Excellent prices are available to our North America customers, and we are very competitive. In most cases we are able to offer same-day shipment from our well-stocked warehouse.

  Prices are always offered in USA Dollars. Prices include export packing, but do not include shipping charges, customs duty charges, or special fees and taxes required by your local government.

  Payment: We accept payments by bank wire, or with Credit Cards including VISA, MasterCard and American Express.

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