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Moeller Electric

We maintain a complete inventory of Moeller Electric (formerly Klockner Moeller) relays, contactors, circuit breakers, motor protectors, limit switches, etc. - for immediate shipment.
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Moeller Electric presents the new product line for the 2000's

 Moeller Electric - xStart :
moeller contactors Moeller (formerly Klockner Moeller) offers a new line of motor starter contactors in a narrow space-saving format.

DILM7 - DILM12 contactors and accessories, photos.
DILM17 - DILM32 contactors and accessories, photos.
DILM40 - DILM150 contactors and accessories, photos.
DILM185 - DILM1000 contactors and accessories.

see our replacement charts for the older DIL series.

ZB32-10 Moeller presents the new ZB overload relays.
Click here for information on ZB12 overload relays and photos
Click here for information on ZB32 overload relays and photos
Click here for information on ZB65, ZB150 overload relays and photos
Klockner Moeller relays Moeller offers the new line of DILA control relays.

Click here for more information on DILA control relays, accessories (photos) and replacement chart.

moeller electric motor protector switches These manual motor starters provide excellent motor protection including a full circuit breaker and an adjustable motor overload.

PKZM0 motor protectors and photos.
PKZM01 pushbutton operated and photos.
PKZ2 motor protectors and photos.
PKZM4 manual starters and photos.

Klockner Moeller Motor Protector Switches Moeller was the first manufacturer to comply with the new UL/CSA standard for self-protected combination motor starters per UL 508 / CSA 22.2 No. 14 Type E.

These compact ( 8" x 2½" ) units provide complete motor protection including disconnect, short circuit trip, motor overload and contactor.

Click here for information on self-protected motor starters and photos.

 Moeller Electric - xCommand :
klockner moeller limit switches Moeller announces the new LS series of limit switches, available in plastic or metal construction. Also available are electronic versions with adjustable setpoints and sensor-type outputs..

See our catalog pages for LS plastic body limit switches and photos
See our catalog pages for LSM metal body limit switches and photos
See our catalog pages for LSE electronic limit switches and photos

moeller pushbuttons + pilot lights Klockner Moeller offers a wide selection of push buttons & pilot lights in a wide variety of styles and sizes. All versions are oil-tight, and suitable for dirty locations.

See our catalog page for M22-Titan pushbuttons and photos.

See our catalog page for Q18-RMQ16 miniature pushbuttons and photos.
See our catalog page for Q25-RMQ16 miniature pushbuttons and photos.

moeller safety switches + disconnects Moeller disconnect switches are available in all sizes and types. Shown here is the P1/P3 series which goes up to 100 amps.

See our catalog page for P1 & P3 safety disconnect switches and photos.

 Moeller Electric - xSystem :
EASY512 PLC This is the latest thing in mini-PLC's. A single EASY512 relay can replace an entire control panel of 16 control relays in one tiny (2 ¾" by 3 ½") inexpensive package. Programming can be done using the buttons on the front of the relay, or with optional windows software on your PC. The standard version includes 8 inputs and 4 relay outputs, and is available in AC and DC versions.
Click here for our PLCs catalog and photos.
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 Moeller Electric - xEnergy :
circuit breakers Molded-Case Circuit Breakers are available for every application and size. Versions with non-adjustable trips are UL Listed Branch Circuit Breakers, and there are versions with adjustable thermal trips to be used as motor protectors with built-in overloads.

Moeller announces the new line of xEnergy circuit breakers:






 Moeller Electric - Xpole :
circuit breakers

Moeller announces the new line 1, 2 and 3 pole supplementary protectors:

See our page for the new FAZ-Xpole breakers.

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