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Siemens Sirius adjustable thermal overload relays: 3RU1116, 3RU1126, 3RU1136 and 3RU1146

Siemens Sirius
3RU Overload Relays

Siemens Sirius Plug-In Overload relays - 3RU
Siemens Overload Relays

1) 3RU1116-1KB0
  + 3RU1916-3AA01

2) 3RU1116-1KB0

Siemens Overload Relays

1) 3RU1126-4DB0
  + 3RU1926-3AA01

2) 3RU1126-4DB0

Siemens Overload Relays


Siemens Overload Relays


See our catalog pages for 3RU motor overload relays:

3RU1116 overload relays

3RU1126 overload relays

3RU1136 overload relays

3RU1146 overload relays


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