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Electrical Troubleshooting of an Electrical Motor Control Circuit

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Control Parts is a distributor of Klockner Moeller Electric xStart & Siemens Sirius relays, contactors, starters, controls, limit switches, pushbuttons, plcs and european fuses for imported machinery.

Pictured: Siemens Sirius contactor, motor protector, fuse, Moeller Eaton pushbutton, limit switch, E-stop, selector switch

Our specialty: printing machinery electrical spare parts: Heidelberg, MAN Roland, Miller, Miehle, Polar, Stahl, Bobst, etc. These machines all use Klockner-Moeller and Siemens relays, contactors and controls. Our products also appear in machinery for woodworking, plastics, power plants, metalworking, pumping stations, hvac, compressors, car-wash, assembly lines, and many other industries.

Our Pennsylvania warehouse provides same-day shipment of Klockner Moeller & Siemens spare parts. Office hours are 8:00 AM to 5 PM, eastern time. All orders are shipped the same day.

Super-competitive prices on Klockner Moeller and Siemens Sirius relays, contactors, limit switches, PLCs, fuses and other control parts.

We service all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, and Caribbean.

35 Years of Service - since 1978.

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