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Siemens Sirius products - cut-sheets with product specifications and dimensions

Siemens Sirius
3RT Specifications Index

Siemens Sirius Contactors - Cut Sheets
with dimensions and specifications
Versions with AC CoilVersions with DC Coil
3RT1015-1A..1 with 1 NO auxiliary 3RT1015-1B..1 with 1 NO auxiliary
3RT1015-1A..2 with 1 NC auxiliary 3RT1015-1B..2 with 1 NC auxiliary
3RT1016-1A..1 with 1 NO auxiliary 3RT1016-1B..1 with 1 NO auxiliary
3RT1016-1A..2 with 1 NC auxiliary 3RT1016-1B..2 with 1 NC auxiliary
3RT1017-1A..1 with 1 NO auxiliary 3RT1017-1B..1 with 1 NO auxiliary
3RT1017-1A..2 with 1 NC auxiliary 3RT1017-1B..2 with 1 NC auxiliary
3RT1023-1A 3RT1023-1B
3RT1024-1A 3RT1024-1B
3RT1025-1A 3RT1025-1B
3RT1026-1A 3RT1026-1B
3RT1034-1A 3RT1034-1B
3RT1035-1A 3RT1035-1B
3RT1036-1A 3RT1036-1B
3RT1044-1A 3RT1044-1B
3RT1045-1A 3RT1045-1B
3RT1046-1A 3RT1046-1B
Large Contactors with AC/DC Coil
3RT1054-6A 3RT1055-6A
3RT1056-6A 3RT1064-6A
3RT1065-6A 3RT1066-6A
3RT1075-6A 3RT1076-6A

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