AT4 Klockner Moeller Limit Switches

Klockner Moeller limit switches, series AT4, with various contact configurations and actuator heads and rollers.
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Klockner Moeller
AT4 Limit Switches
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***Items on this page are obsolete - Availability is limited to quantities in stock***
Klockner Moeller Limit Switches
Klockner Moeller Limit Switches


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Obsolete Style AT4:
(some stock still available.)
All models shown include narrow body, single conduit opening, roller lever and 1 N.O. & 1 N.C. contacts.
Description Catalog # Price

1 - N.O & 1 - N.C

AT4/11-1/i/AR photo 85.80
AT4/11-2/i/AR photo
AT4/11-3/i/AR photo 88.40
AT4/11-S/i/AR photo
Accessories for AT4:
AR-AT4 photo
roller lever
ATB11-1 photo 28.60
ATB11-2 photo
ATB11-3 photo 31.20
ATB11-S photo