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Klockner Moeller - accessories for DILM185 and larger contactors.
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Klockner Moeller Accessories - Series DILM185
Klockner Moeller

lug kit

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Mechanical Interlock
prevents 2 contactors from pulling in at same time.
Description Catalog # Price
mechanical interlock
fits DILM185 thru DILM500
DILM500-XMV photo 39.20
mechanical interlock
fits DILM580 thru DILM1000
DILM820-XMV photo 347.60
Paralleling Bridge
Converts 3 pole contactor into a 1-pole.
The amp rating is 2½ times the size of the original.
Amps Catalog # Price
2½ times DILM185-XP1 photo
fits DILM185 only
Replacement Coil
Standard Voltages Catalog # Price
Code Volts
RDC48 24-48 DC
RA110 48-110 AC/DC
RA250 110-250 AC/DC
RAC500 250-500 AC
DILM250-XSP/E photo
always specify voltage
fits DILM185 thru DILM250
DILM500-XSP/E photo
always specify voltage
fits DILM300 thru DILM500
always specify voltage
fits DILM580 thru DILM1000
Wire Lugs Kits
each kit covers 3-poles.
Wire Size Catalog # Price
dual AWG 6 - 350 kcmil DILM225-XKU-S photo
fits DILM185 thru DILM225
dual AWG 2/0 - 500 kcmil DILM400-XKU-S photo
fits DILM250 thru DILM400
dual AWG 4 - 500 kcmil DILM500-XK-CNA
fits DILM500
dual AWG 2 - 500 kcmil DILM650-XK-CNA
fits DILM580 & DILM650
quad AWG 2 - 500 kcmil DILM820-XK-CNA
fits DILM750 & DILM820
(numerous other accessories are available)