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EASY MFD Programmable PLC display. - Klockner Moeller PLCs

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Klockner Moeller - EASY MFD Programmable PLC display
Klockner Moeller MFD Programmable PLC display


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Multi-Function Display:
MFD-80 (display only, no buttons) see
MFD-80-B (display with keypad buttons) photo
CPU with Power Supply:
MFD-CP8-ME (without easy-NET) see
MFD-CP8-NT (with easy-NET) photo
MFD-AC-CP8-ME (AC powered, without easy-NET)
MFD-AC-CP8-NT (AC powered, with easy-NET)
Input/Output Modules:
all units have 12 inputs of which 4 can be used as analog.
MFD-R16 (with 4 relay outputs) see
MFD-T16 (with 4 transistor outputs)
MFD-RA17 (with 4 relay outputs and 1 analog output)
MFD-TA17 (with 4 transistor outputs and 1 analog output)
MFD-AC-R16 (with 4 relay outputs 24 VDC)
MFD-800-CAB (connection cable to EASY800)) see
MFD-800-CAB5 (connection cable to EASY800)
MFD-CP4-500 (PS and Comm module for EASY/MFD)
MFD-CP4-800 (PS and Comm module for EASY/MFD)
MFD-TS-144 (DIN rail for mtg EASY expansion to MFD)
MFD-XM-80 (protective diaphragm for MFD)
MFD-XS-80 (protective shroud for MFD)