EASY 412 and EASY 512 Klockner Moeller Programmable Ladder-Logic Controls.

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Klockner Moeller - EASY 412 Programmable Mini-PLCs
Klockner Moeller EASY412 Programmable Ladder-Logic PLCs

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  Dimensions: 2 ¾" by 3 ½"
  8 inputs connect to ordinary pushbuttons, remote limit switches or any type of control device.
  4 relay contact outputs, 8 amp
16 internal relays.
  8 internal timers.
  8 internal counters.
EEPROM memory uses
no backup batteries.
LCD display shows actual wiring diagram. Programming is done right on the unit.
Optional Windows software includes function simulator.
On the DC versions, 2 inputs will also accept analog signals (0-10 volts) and have programmable setpoints.

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The Moeller EASY 412 series is now obsolete and has been replaced by the new EASY 512 Series.

The new series has a few additional features but preserves the original programming methods and the dimensions and appearance are identical.

Obsolete: EASY 412 Series

       New: EASY 512 Series