EASY 512 & 719 for 120/240 Volts AC. - Klockner Moeller PLCs

EASY 512-AC and EASY719-AC Klockner Moeller programmable ladder-logic controllers in 120/240 Volts AC - PLCs.
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Klockner Moeller - EASY512 Programmable Mini-PLCs
Klockner Moeller EASY512 Programmable Ladder-Logic PLCs

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  EASY512 Features:
  Dimensions: 2 ¾" by 3 ½"
  8 inputs connect to ordinary pushbuttons, remote limit switches or any type of control device.
  4 relay contact outputs, 8 amp
16 internal relays.
  8 internal timers.
  8 internal counters.
EEPROM memory uses
no backup batteries.
LCD display shows actual wiring diagram. Programming is done right on the unit.
Optional Windows software includes function simulator.

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& example programs
For 120/240 Volts AC operation:
Catalog # Price
Base Units:
EASY512-AC-R (8 inputs, 4 outputs) photo see
EASY512-AC-RC (8 inputs, 4 outputs, real time clock) photo
EASY719-AC-RC (12 inputs & 6 outputs & clock, expandable) photo
EASY-SOFT-BASIC (windows software for 500 & 700) photo
requires Windows NT4.0-SP6+, or WIN2000 or WIN XP
EASY-PC-CAB (Serial cable for PC connection) photo
EASY-USB-CAB (USB cable for PC connection)
EASY-M-32K (memory module for 600's) photo
EASY-AWB (programming manual for 500 & 700 units) photo
Expansion Units (Slave) for 700 & 800 Units:
Note: Master & slave units plug directly together side-by-side, or use EASY200-EASY for 2-wire connection up to 30 meters in length.
EASY202-RE (slave) - adds 2 outputs, common wired, AC/DC photo see
EASY618-AC-RE (slave) - adds 12 inputs & 6 outputs photo
EASY200-EASY (remote connection adapter) photo
Versions without LCD Screen or Buttons:
Prevents on-site tampering. Lower cost.
EASY512-AC-RCX see
EASY719-AC-RCX (expandable)
EASY-LINK-DS ( spare plug for side-by-side connection of master & slave units. This is included with each slave unit. ) photo see
ZB4-101-GF1 ( clips for screw mounting, need 3 pieces for 512's and 4 pieces for 600's ) photo
EASY256-HCi (proximity switch interface, up to 6 switches) photo
Series 800, networkable: (includes 12 inputs & 6 outputs & clock)
EASY819-AC-RC see
EASY819-AC-RCX (as above but no keypad or display)
Accessories for 800 series:
EASY-AWB-800 (manual for 800 series) photo see
EASY-M-256K (memory module for 800's) photo
EASY800-PC-CAB (Serial PC cable for 800's) photo
EASY800-USB-CAB (USB PC cable for 800's)
EASY-SOFT-PRO (software for 800 series) photo
requires Windows NT4.0-SP6+, or WIN2000 or WIN XP