NZM6B & N6 Klockner Moeller Molded-Case Circuit Breakers

NZM6B & N6 Klockner Moeller Molded-Case Circuit Breakers
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Klockner Moeller
N6 & NZM6B Circuit Breakers
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Klockner Moeller N6 & NZM6B Circuit Breakers


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N6 Disconnect Switches, no trip unit
Amps Catalog # Price
63 N6-63-CNA photo 475.00
100 N6-100-CNA photo 592.00
125 N6-160-CNA photo 874.00
NZM6B Breakers, Adjustable Thermal Trip
for use as motor protectors.
Amps Catalog # Price
15 - 25 NZM6B-63/ZM6-25-CNA photo 868.00
25 - 40 NZM6B-63/ZM6-40-CNA photo
40 - 63 NZM6B-63/ZM6-63-CNA photo
63 - 100 NZM6B-100/ZM6-100-CNA photo 874.00
100 - 125 NZM6B-160/ZM6-125-CNA photo 1898.00
NZM6B Breakers, Fixed Thermal Trip
for use as branch circuit protection
Amps Catalog # Price
15 NZM6B-63/ZM6A-15-NA photo 868.00
20 NZM6B-63/ZM6A-20-NA photo
25 NZM6B-63/ZM6A-25-NA photo
30 NZM6B-63/ZM6A-30-NA photo
35 NZM6B-63/ZM6A-35-NA photo
40 NZM6B-63/ZM6A-40-NA photo
50 NZM6B-63/ZM6A-50-NA photo
60 NZM6B-63/ZM6A-60-NA photo
70 NZM6B-100/ZM6A-70-NA photo 874.00
80 NZM6B-100/ZM6A-80-NA photo
90 NZM6B-100/ZM6A-90-NA photo
100 NZM6B-100/ZM6A-100-NA photo
125 NZM6B-160/ZM6A-125-NA photo 1898.00
Accessories for NZM6 and N6 series
Description Catalog # Price
door handle H6-NA photo
H6-SW-NA-FORM3 (black)
349.00 in stock
red/yellow handle RH6-NA photo
rear-operated red/yellow handle RH6-R-NA
drive shaft extension A-NZM6 photo 92.00
rear-drive shaft R-NZM6 photo 82.00
standard auxiliary contacts NHi22-NZM4/6 photo 99.00
early-make auxiliary contacts VHi002-NZM6 photo 180.00
early-make auxiliary contacts
AHi002-NZM6 photo 99.00
trip-indicating auxiliary contacts RHi002-NZM6 photo 99.00
undervoltage trip U-NZM4/6 photo 364.00
shunt trip A-NZM4/6 photo

drive shaft coupling
Arrowhead4/6 photo 54.00

Selection of a Replacement Circuit Breaker

Here are some questions we need to ask in order to select the best replacement unit.

  1. Please provide the full part number of the old unit.


  2. What is the machine voltage, the 3-phase power at the main lugs?

    If it is 480 Volts, we need to know if it is 480-Y or 480-Delta.
    To determine this, measure the voltage from each leg to ground or neutral.
    If all 3 are roughly to same, it's 480-Y and if one leg is much higher than the other 2, then it is 480-Delta.


  3. Are there any small wires connected to the unit, other than on the main lugs?

    If so, there may be an undervoltage trip or auxiliary contacts. Look for small labels, marked "Aux. Switch" or "Undervoltage Release" and note the part numbers. If these are present, are you able to provide a copy of the wiring diagram?


  4. If your unit is adjustable (the yellow dial on the front), how many amps do you wish to set it to? The new units have different adjustment ranges.


  5. Is there an operating handle on the outside of the cabinet?   If so -

          - is it located on the door?
          - is it located on the right side wall of the cabinet?
          - is it located on the left side wall of the cabinet?
          - is it located in the back of the cabinet?

    Each location requires different hardware.


  6. Photos of the unit showing the installation and wiring are always helpful.