Klockner Moeller PKZM1 motor protector switches

Replacements for the Klockner Moeller obsolete PKZM1 motor protectors. Selection guide and instructions.
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Obsolete PKZM1
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moeller electric motor protector switches


1) MBS-PKZM1-10

2) PKZM1-10

The Klockner Moeller PKZM1 series is obsolete and no longer available as a Moeller brand-name item. However, they are still offered by other brand-names as the exact original item. These replacements are either still manufactured by Moeller with the other brand-names printed on them, or licensed by Moeller to the other brands. These replacements are marketed by General Electric in Europe and by LG Electronics of Korea, and various others.

The replacements offered on this page are the original item, the only difference is the name.

Moeller has introduced a new PKZM0 series to replace the old PKZM1 series. The new Moeller PKZM0 has a rotary knob to turn on-off, instead of the 2 pushbuttons found on the original PKZM1.

Should I use the new Moeller PKZM0 series, or should I use these replacements?

The new Moeller PKZM0 is updated modern technology and of better quality, so generally you should use the new Moeller PKZM0 series. They have the same basic dimensions as the PKZM1 and clip to the same DIN-Rail.

If your machine has the push-buttons sticking thru the cabinet door, and accessible from the outside ... and you do not want to install a new plastic mounting frame, then you may wish to use the replacement items shown on this page.

Click here for the new Moeller PKZM0 series:

PKZM0 motor protectors and SE00 contactors.

Replacements for PKZM1 Motor Protectors
Klockner Moeller Motor Protector Switches


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MBS-PKZM1 Basic Switches:
Please read the notes above, before ordering.
Amp Range Catalog # Price
0.1 - 0.16 MBS-PKZM1-0,16 photo 120.00
0.16 - 0.24 MBS-PKZM1-0,24 photo
0.25 - 0.4 MBS-PKZM1-0,4 photo
0.4 - 0.63 MBS-PKZM1-0,63 photo
0.63 - 1.0 MBS-PKZM1-1 photo 133.00
1 - 1.6 MBS-PKZM1-1,6 photo
1.6 - 2.4 MBS-PKZM1-2,4 photo
2.5 - 4 MBS-PKZM1-4 photo
4 - 6.3 MBS-PKZM1-6,3 photo
6.3 - 10 MBS-PKZM1-10 photo 154.00
10 - 16 MBS-PKZM1-16 photo
16 - 20 MBS-PKZM1-20 photo
20 - 25 MBS-PKZM1-25 photo 186.00
Accesories for PKZM1:
Description Catalog # Price
1 N.O. + 1 N.C. HS9.11 photo 24.00
under-voltage trip U-PKZM1 photo
for AC voltage
enclosure Ci-PKZM1-G photo 45.80
E-PKZM1-G photo 45.80