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SIEMENS 3TY6 Contactor Repair Kits

3TB Contactor Repair Kits Selection Chart:
Includes 3 moving and 6 stationary contacts - a complete kit to rebuild a 3-pole contactor
Photo For Contactor Catalog No Price
3TB40-43 Not Replaceable -
3TB44 3TY6440-0A $161.00
3TB46 3TY6460-0A $184.50
3TB47 3TY6470-0A $286.35
3TB48 3TY6480-0A $322.00
3TB50 3TY6500-0A $201.25
3TB52 3TY6520-0A $328.90
3TB54 3TY6540-0A $506.00
3TB56 3TY6560-0A $710.70
3TB58 3TY6580-0A Call