Eaton EMT6-DBK

Eaton EMT6-DBK

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Eaton EMT6-DBK Thermistor relays

EMT6-DBK - Thermistor overload relay for machine protection.  Rated Current 3A (AC-15 240Vac / AC-14 400Vac) - Supply voltage 24Vac - 240Vac (50/60Hz) / 24Vdc - 240Vdc - Electronic - IP20 66168. 

  Details :

• Selector switch with manual / automatic reset
• Short-circuit recognition in the sensor circuit
• Reliable fault signaling even under supply
  voltage failure (Zero-voltage safety)
• For manual or remote resetting
• Test button
• Short-circuit recognition and zero-voltage safety
  can be switched off
• Power ON and fault indicating LED display

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