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Siemens Sirius - 3RB3046-2XW1 Sold State Overload Relays

The Siemens Sirius 3RB3046-2XW1
is an IEC rated solid-state overload relay
used for the protection of three-phase motors.
SIRIUS overload relays reliably protect loads as well
as other switching and protective devices in the
respective load feeder against overload, phase
asymmetry and phase failure.
Class 20
Size S3

Amp Range:

32 - 115

Tools Required:

Pozidriv Screwdriver size 2
pozidrive screwdriver

For Use With:

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3RB3046-2XW1 Solid-State Overload Relay

Selection Chart:

Class Setting Range Amps Catalog No.
S3 20 32 - 115 3RB3046-2XW1

3RB3046-2XW1 Contact Sequence

3RB3046-2XW1 Dimensions

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