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EATON XTCEXFCC31 Auxiliary Contact Block

XTCEXFCC31 is an auxiliary contact block with interlocked opposing contacts.

Other XTCEXF auxiliary contacts

For use with:

DILM(C)7-10 / XTCEC007B10
DILM(C)9-10 / XTCE009B10
DILM(C)12-10 / XTCE012B10

DILM(C)15-10 / XTCE015B10
DILM(C)17-10 / XTCEC018C10
DILM(C)25-10 / XTCE025C10
DILM(C)32-10 / XTCE032C10


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XTCEXFCC31 Contact Sequence:

XTCEXFCC31 Dimensions:


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