enclosures for pushbuttons & pilot lights - Klockner Moeller - Titan M22

Klockner Moeller: M22-Titan enclosures for pushbuttons - pilot lights - selector switches - illuminated push buttons.

M22-Titan Klockner Moeller 22.5mm (7/8") Enclosures

Pushbutton Stations and Enclosures


custom assembled
pushbutton stations

foot & palm switch

Base-Mount Contact Blocks
for pushbutton stations and enclosures

contact block

LED lamp element

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Pushbutton Enclosures
These enclosures are suitable for NEMA-4 applications.
"Base-mounting" contacts, lamp sockets etc. are required.
Description Catalog # Price
1-unit enclosure, empty. M22-i1-PG photo 15.70
1-unit enclosure, empty, yellow color, for E-STOP M22-iY1-PG photo 17.50
2-unit enclosure, empty. M22-i2-PG photo 20.30
3-unit enclosure, empty. M22-i3-PG photo 22.10
4-unit enclosure, empty. M22-i4-PG photo 28.20
6-unit enclosure, empty. M22-i6-PG photo 39.60
Complete Assembled Pushbutton Enclosures
These units are suitable for NEMA-4 applications.
Pricing is based on the sum of the components, we provide free assembly.

Description Catalog # Price
1 START pushbutton with 1 contact. M22-D-G-GB1/KC10/i 29.30
1 STOP pushbutton with 2 contacts. M22-D-R-GB0/KC11/i 34.30
1 STOP mushroom button with 1 contact. M22-DP-R-GB0/KC01/i 33.90
1 latching Emergency-STOP with 1 contact. M22-PV/KC01/i 47.50
1 latching Emergency-STOP with 2 contacts, in yellow enclosure M22-PV/KC11/iY 52.50
1 STOP and 1 START button with 2 contacts each. M22-i2-M1 57.50
1 STOP and 1 START button with 2 contacts each, plus pilot LIGHT M22-i3/M2 79.70
3 buttons with 2 contacts each. M22-i3/M1 75.70
4 buttons with 2 contacts each. M22-i4/M1 99.70
NOTE: The units shown above are only an example of what is available.
We will custom-build to your exact requirements, with no assembly charge.
Prices shown include buttons with inscriptions.
Foot & Palm Switch - 4" Mushroom
Color Catalog # Price
red/yellow    spring-return
FAK-R/KC11/i photo
black/gray    spring-return
FAK-S/KC11/i photo
yellow/gray    spring-return
FAK-Y/KC11/i photo
red/yellow    latching       
FAK-R/V/KC11/iY photo 96.40
black/gray    latching       
FAK-S/V/KC11/i photo call
yellow/gray    latching       
FAK-Y/V/KC11/i photo

Price includes NEMA-4 enclosure, 1-N.O. and 1-N.C. switch contacts.
Other contact arrangements are available with maximum of 3 single contacts.

Latching versions are available.

These extremely rugged switches are suitable for cleaning with high-pressure water or steam jets.

Base-Mount Contact Blocks for pushbutton stations
Holder not needed.
Function Catalog # Price
1-N.O. M22-KC10 photo 5.00
1-N.C. M22-KC01 photo
Base-Mount Lamp Blocks for pushbutton stations
For pusbutton stations, Holder not needed. LED bulb included.
Function Catalog # Price
white    12-30 Volts AC/DC
M22-LEDC-W photo
green    12-30 Volts AC/DC
M22-LEDC-G photo
red    12-30 Volts AC/DC
M22-LEDC-R photo
blue    12-30 Volts AC/DC
M22-LEDC-B photo
white    85-265 Volts AC    
M22-LEDC230-W photo
green    85-265 Volts AC    
M22-LEDC230-G photo
red    85-265 Volts AC    
M22-LEDC230-R photo
blue    85-265 Volts AC    
M22-LEDC230-B photo