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Klockner Moeller: M22-Titan Contacts Blocks and LED Lamp Blocks
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M22-Titan Klockner Moeller 22.5mm (7/8") Contacts & LED Blocks

Contact Blocks and LED Blocks

contact block
with holder

contact block

lamp element
with LED

contact holder

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Standard Contact Blocks With Holder
These snap onto the back of any pushbutton or selector operator shown above.
Function Catalog # Price
1-N.O. & 1-N.C. M22-AK11 photo 11.80
1-N.O. M22-AK10 photo 7.10
1-N.C. M22-AK01 photo
NOTE: The holder will accept up to 6 single contact blocks - or - 4 contact blocks and a LED lamp element.
Standard Contact Blocks, Without Holder
For door or cover mounting. M22-A holder needed.
Function Catalog # Price
1-N.O. M22-K10 photo 5.00
1-N.C. M22-K01 photo
Standard LED Lamp Blocks, Without Holder
For door or cover mounting. M22-A holder needed. Includes LED Bulb.
Function Catalog # Price
white    12-30 Volts AC/DC
M22-LED-W photo
green    12-30 Volts AC/DC
M22-LED-G photo
red    12-30 Volts AC/DC
M22-LED-R photo
blue    12-30 Volts AC/DC
M22-LED-B photo
white    85-265 Volts AC    
M22-LED230-W photo
green    85-265 Volts AC    
M22-LED230-G photo
red    85-265 Volts AC    
M22-LED230-R photo
blue    85-265 Volts AC    
M22-LED230-B photo
Standard Contact Block Holder
For door or cover mounting.
Description Catalog # Price
Holds up to 6 single contact blocks, or
4 contact blocks and a lamp LED element.
Snaps to back of pushbutton operator or lamp assembly.
M22-A photo 2.10