Moeller DIL4AM145-22

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DIL 4AM145/22 Klockner Moeller Contactor

The Klockner Moeller DIL4AM145/22
is a 3-phase IEC rated contactor
used for the control of electric 
motors. It is rated 30 HP at 230V 
and 60 HP at 460V. It comes with
2NO and 2NC auxiliary contacts.

AC Operating Coil Voltage:

Options listed below

Tools Required:

Pozidriv Screwdriver size 2
pozidrive screwdriver


Overload Relays:

Replacement Parts:



AC Selection Chart:   Please specify coil voltage when ordering

Three phase
HP ratings
Coil Voltage / AC Voltage Catalog No.
230V 460V NO NC
60 125 2 2 24V50HZ/60HZ DIL4AM145/22(24V50/60Hz)
110V50HZ, 120V60HZ DIL4AM145/22(110V50, 120V60Hz)
208V50/60HZ DIL4AM145/22(208V60Hz)
230V50, 240V60HZ DIL4AM145/22(230V50, 240V60Hz)
415V50, 480V60HZ DIL4AM145/22(415V50, 480V60Hz)

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